Friday, May 6, 2011

The penguins went to the beach.

The penguins were bored.
They had nothing to do
But, Edward had an idea
He said to his friends we're all are going to the beach.
So, they all were going to the beach with their parents.They played catch, sandcastle and swimming.
After that, they all went home again.

Badminton for penguins.

On Sunday, the penguins were playing BADMINTON!!!
Peppy was the judge, and Penggu, Edward, Petty and Fifi were the players.
They played in the badminton court.
They played on 9:00am until 5:00pm.
After playing, they drank their water bottle, and went to the cafe.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The penguins goes to the park.

On Saturday, the five penguins went to the park on 5:00 am.
Edward and Pinggu played on the swing.
Peppy, Petty and Fifi played on the 3 in 1 slide.
They were happy!!!
After playing, their parents bought smoothies for the penguins.

Penguins to school.

That day, there were two little male penguins and one little female penguin.
The two little male penguins were named Pinggu and Peppy.
And the little female penguin was named Petty.
They got ready and went to school.
They met new friends, Edward and Fifi.
They learnt with their friends.
The school bell rang.
They ate salmon sandwiches.
And they learnt their next lesson.